Be Cautious of Asian Online Dating Sites That Promote Marriage

Once people know that there is an available niche online they take pains to exploit it in order to make money and bank on unsuspecting visitors. This is no different with online dating sites and one type in particular is more exploitative than many others.

For the most part, Asian online dating sites are perfectly legitimate and are there to allow people who want to date Asians find matches more easily. The sad part is that there are just as many of these websites out there that are simply looking to take money from people who are looking to meet an Asian partner. In the end, you’re probably better off dating an Asian call girl or escort.

Before you sign up for an online Asian dating site, there are some things you can do to check out a site to make sure it is legitimate. There are also some steps you can take to protect yourself when sign up for a site so that you are not taken advantage of. If you follow these tips, you will not have to worry about the match that you make because it will be the real deal. See below on being cautious of Asian dating sites that promote marriage to their clients:

Cost to Sign Up

Most online dating sites charge a small fee for people to sign up and have a profile that is searchable. This fee helps with the screening process and the software that is used to make your matches. One thing to look out for though is those sites that want you to pay a great deal of money to meet the other singles and that also offer matches for marriage if you pay a higher fee. These sites are simply attempting to get financial gain through your lack of awareness.

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Promises of Marriage

If the site comes right out and says that they offer Asian brides then you do not want to sign up at this site. Even if you really would like to find an Asian partner the fact is that many of these people are brought to this country and are exploited for this purpose. The cost will be high and you may think that you are marrying one girl just to find out they did a bait and switch on you. Guess what? There are no refunds and no consumer alert companies that you can go to in order to file a suit.

It is Illegal

Selling brides online or in other ways is completely illegal in this country so you could get into a lot of trouble if you went through with it (CNN). This is because again, many people are here against their will and are not in a position to say no to you because they are so scared. You may find that not only do you have an unwilling bride, but you may find yourself on the wrong side of a slavery sting. That is what this is considered, slavery for hire and you have not bought a wife but a slave and again, this is illegal.

Unwilling Partner

At the end of the day, most people who want to find love are not looking for an unwilling partner. You want a person who is wants to be with you as much as you want to be with them. It can become difficult dealing with a new person that you do not know coming into your home and when you add in the language barrier, you may both be miserable. You will quickly come to regret your decision to buy an online Asian bride. If your interest is having a partner who is Asian, it’s better to simply stick with dating escorts. There’s no long-term commitment, and no possibility of long-term regrets. In Las Vegas agencies such as AsianEscortBabes allow you to pick Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese escorts to date.

Seeking Citizenship

Not all of the people that are on Asian online dating sites that promote marriage are unwilling. Many are simply looking to get citizenship in this country and the easiest way to do this is buying marrying a citizen. Again, this is illegal because the marriage is not based on love but on getting papers. You would have to lie to the immigration department in order for your new partner to be accepted as genuine.

Runaway Brides

So you made the choice that you do not care about the legality of finding an Asian partner online, it does not bother you that there is a language barrier or that the participant may not be willing or simply wants citizenship. You want what you want and all caution goes out the window. Consider this, those who are looking to get citizenship or those who are unwilling will find a way to get away from you if they do not want to be there. No matter how much money you paid for the right to marry the person, they may simply find a way to leave you. Your money is gone, your bride is gone and you have no recourse for reclaiming either.

Sign Up at Trusted Sites

Those who are not walking on the wrong side of the law may want to know how they can tell if a site is to be trusted or not. The first thing you can do is sign up for a site that is trusted and that has established a reputation for doing exactly what it is intended to do; find matches for people who are seeking a romance with an Asian person. You can do this by going online and looking at sites where real people review the dating sites they have been on. This will tell you about other’s experiences with the site, good and bad and will allow you to make your own decision on whether you want to sign up or not.

Be Cautious

While this may seem vague, it is really the best advice you can get. When you choose the site you are comfortable with and create your profile. Be cautious about how much you divulge about yourself to anyone. There are still those people who want to capitalize on your want of an Asian partner and they may use this for financial gain as well. You may be chatting with a person who says that they would love to meet you but they cannot afford to come where you are. If you want to meet them too you may be willing to pay and then they disappear and so does your money.

Not all Asian dating sites are the same but if you know how to protect yourself you can avoid the sites that are looking to exploit you and take your money. Never attempt sign up for a dating site that offers you marriage without ever meeting the person you are matched with. You should never sign up for a dating site with the sole purpose of getting married to the first person you chat with.

This rarely happens as it takes time to find true love and if that is what you want, you will not get it from a person who is unwilling, does not speak your language, is looking for citizenship only or who wants to gain financially by being with you. Now this is not to say that the first person you meet will not be the one, but the odds are you’ll have to talk to a few people before you find the one that you really want to be in a relationship with.